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Man’s Best Friends—The Canine’s Role in Craft Beer

If dog is man’s best friend, surely beer is a close second. Often the two passions come together, be it through the bond many brewer’s have with their faithful companions, or the enthusiast who enjoys spending an evening at home with a great Russian Imperial Stout in his glass, and Rover at his feet.

Since I’m not a brewer, I fall into the second category. But recently, an outing with my dog put me in an interesting situation, which caused me to take a closer look at the deep role the canine persuasion plays in the world of beer.

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Pepper can’t be trained.



Talking Craft Beer on NBC in New York

Watch the video of John Holl talking about high alcohol content beers on Channel 4 in New York.
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Beers at 30 Rock

Looks like I’m confirmed to appear on WNBC’s Weekend Today in New York.

I’ll be on the January 15 broadcast airing in the 9a.m. hour.

The plan is to pour some beers that can help stave off a winter chill. My list is almost finalized and I’ll be sure to post a recap here once it airs.



Indiana Breweries: Now Available

The most current and thorough guide to the 37 brewers in the Hoosier State is NOW AVAILABLE

Authored by John Holl and Nate Schweber it will start appearing on shelves within days and you can also order online.

Order the book via Amazon by clicking here.  Or on the Stackpole site by clicking here.

We’ve also set up a fan page on Facebook where you can follow the action.

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